PCOM-B217VG, Module, COM Express & ETX Module, Computer on Module- Portwell, Inc.



  • The Intel® Sandy Bridge Core™ i7-2715QE (Quad Core) / Core i5-2655LE (Duo core) Core i7-6210UE (Quad Core) / i5-2515E and QM67 platform provide higher performance
  • Supports faster I/O interfaces on seven PCI Express lanes (four x1 lanes can be confifured to one x4 lane)
  • Supports four SATA ports include tw 6Gbps ports and two 3 Gbps ports
  • Power sharing technology between CPU and Graphics engine to maximize performance
  • Display Port (DP), HDMI, DVI supported
PCOM-B217VG is designed with the Intel® QM67 chipset to offer high computing power by Intel's 2nd generation multi-core computing processor with high-resolution graphic capability, turbo-boost, SOL, IDER, serial over LAN, iAMT 7.0 and a 7 year life cycle suitable for medical applications and devices related to Point of Care, X-Ray, Ultrasound, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), and Computer Tomography Scanning (CT).

Ordering Guide

B8304560 Cooler for PCOM-B217VG-ECC and PCOMB217VG- VI-ECC
AB1-3738 AB1-3712 PCOM-B217VG-ECC-2515E.(Type II with ECC)
PCOM-B217VG-VI-ECC-2515E.(Type VI with ECC)
Sandy Bridge-mbl Core® i5-2515E (2.5G, 35Watts)
AB1-3737 AB1-3711 PCOM-B217VG-ECC-2610UE.(Type II with ECC)
PCOM-B217VG-VI-ECC-2610UE.(Type VI with ECC)
Sandy Bridge-mbl Core® i7-2610UE (1.5G, 17Watts) with MOQ
AB1-3595 PCOM-B217VG.TYPE II. Basic Form Factor.COM Express Module SandyBridge-mbl (PGA type)
AB1-3735 AB1-3709 PCOM-B217VG-ECC-2715QE.(Type II with ECC)
PCOM-B217VG-VI-ECC-2715QE.(Type VI with ECC)
Sandy Bridge-mbl Core® i7-2715QE (2.1G, 45Watts) with MOQ
B8304550 Cooler for PCOM-B217VG