PCOM-B633VG, Module, COM Express & ETX Module, Computer on Module- Portwell, Inc.



  • Intel® 5th Generation Core™ i7, i5 and i3 Processors ULT
  • Support DDR3L-1600/1333 SDRAM on SODIMM slots, up to 8GB
  • Support DDR3L memory-down, up to 4GB(Optional)
  • Support VGA, LVDS and Display-port interface
  • Support USB 2.0/ 3.0, SATA, 4 PCIE x1 and 1 PCIEx4
  • Support TPM 1.2/I2C/Smart Battery function
Portwell PCOM-B633VG is designed with Intel® Broadwell-ULT CoreTM i7/i5/i3 ultra low power processor with turbo-boost, SOL, IDER, iAMT 10.0 remote control which offer high speed and accurate responses suitable for medical healthcare systems and military seeker.

Ordering Guide

AB1-3C62 PCOM-B633VG-5650U.TYPE VI. Compact COM Express Module.i7- 5650U, VGA/LVDS/Display-ports
AB1-3C61 PCOM-B633VG-5350U.TYPE VI. Compact COM Express Module.i5- 5350U, VGA/LVDS/Display-ports
AB1-3C60 PCOM-B633VG-5010U.TYPE VI. Compact COM Express Module.i3- 5010U, VGA/LVDS/Display-ports
AB1-3C39 PCOM-B633VG-4650U.TYPE VI. Compact COM Express Module. i7-4650U, VGA/LVDS/Display-ports
AB1-3C58 PCOM-B633VG-4300U.TYPE VI. Compact COM Express Module. i5-4300U, VGA/LVDS/Display-ports
AB1-3C59 PCOM-B633VG-4010U.TYPE VI. Compact COM Express Module. i3-4010U, VGA/LVDS/Display-ports
AB1-3C38 PCOM-B633VG-2980U.TYPE VI. Compact COM Express Module. Celeron 2980U, VGA/LVDS/Display-ports
AB1-3D45 PCOM-B633VG-3765U.TYPE VI. Compact COM Express Module. Celeron 3765U, VGA/LVDS/Display-ports